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SALT is about uplifting, inspiring and even challenging believers in living the faith. It addresses topics like family, marriage, education and more.

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Introducing the McDermotts

Meet the family that started it all...

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SALT started in 1998, a black-and-white, single-column, fits-in-a-letter-envelope little magazine. The computer on which it was compiled was also black-and-white, outdated even for those days. One copy was printed off that computer, the rest were run off a copy machine.

But SALT had heart! Jim and Cindy, noticing how so many issues of practical Christian living were rarely addressed in churches, desired to discuss these things with their fellow Christians. Over the years they shared with the public their journeys, thoughts, lessons learned, articles by other authors which they’d found edifying, and even a few kooky but clever ads. This they found time to do between their full-time jobs and the caring for, homeschooling, and spending time with their crew of kids.

The producing of the magazine was very much a family effort. The children helped with the addressing and mailing. They also took turns at the printer, watching each page as it slowly emerged, prepared to halt the process and change cartridges the instant vertical lines or discoloration started to occur.

A changing world and a growing family kept material for articles coming! In 2004 the McDermotts published The Christian Family: in the world but not of it, a collection of select articles from the first 6 years of SALT’s existence.

Circulation increased. Adding to their responsibilities as writers and publishers, Jim and Cindy began speaking to homeschool groups across the country. The growing older children began to assist with the research and writing (kicked off by Christian Holmes!), as well as with graphics and website upkeep (guess who’s writing this page ;) ). Growing younger children began to assist, too: stuffing envelopes, stamping envelopes, and singing – between sips of coffee – with the older ones as they worked at the computer (fun!).

This went on until 2014. At that time Jim and Cindy decided to shut down the hard-copy version of the magazine. But they did not cease publishing! In spring of ’14 they released their daughter Shannon’s novel The Valley of Decision. A few e-books were also made available from them on Amazon (including a couple Christian Holmes stories!). They plan to continue publishing books and novels.

And then came late summer of 2015. SALT’s ball was set to rolling once again: a new website design, new articles being written, new art for the Facebook banner and profile pic… they even plan, God willing, on a podcast, a blog, and YouTube short videos. So don’t forget to keep checking back!

So there you have it: a brief history of SALT Magazine. Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “History

  1. Good afternoon, i am enquirying as to if you hold any archived copies of The magazine dating around 1996-9.9. My son appeared on the front with an elderly gentleman. (my son was around 3-6 and mix ed race). It had a yellow cover. i would be so happy to obtain one if you are able to help.
    many thanks

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